Friday, February 02, 2007


Like everyone in Italy and all over the world by now, probably, I have been watching tonight's scenes from Catania in horror and disbelief. Let me say at the outset that my heart goes out to the family of the policeman who has been killed and to the second policeman, who is in a critical condition, and his loved ones.

"È come una guerra urbana" , an Italian TV presenter has just said and, sadly, I think that's about right. When I first saw the pictures - for there's just a few seconds' delay, which you don't usually notice , before the commentary comes on - I thought , "Oh, please, don't let it be in Italy", then, "Oh, please, not in Sicily" and finally the presenters were talking and I realised that this terrible event has occurred in my beloved city of Catania.

There's not much more I can say tonight as of course everything is changing as I write but I'll let you know more about reactions here tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Tragic for those involved.

Lee said...

I've not heard anything down this way as yet, Welsh...but whatever it is that happened doesn't sound good from your words.

Lee said...

I just heard about it on the news now, Welsh. I can never understand such violence at sporting events. Soccer/football is the worst for this type of disgrace.

Sorry that it has happened on your 'doorstep'.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I'm the only one that is unaware of what you are taling about. I'll check the internet.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

My heart goes out to everyone who had been affected by this senseless violence, especially the two policemens families.

Why oh why do they do it!!!!!!

Sheer ignorance and selfishness, is what comes up in my mind.

Ballpoint Wren said...

Dear Welshcakes, that is an awful story.

Today I read that the President of Catania has resigned in response to this incident, but the sports officials don't cause these things, the fans do.

I think there needs to be some kind of fan reeducation program, or something.

Shades said...

I didn't make the connection until I saw your posting.

I'll pay more attention to the sunday papers as the Beeb doesn't really cut to the chase.

James Higham said...

I can't seem to get this on the news here. Will you fill us in on what happened. Are we talking la cosa nostra [excuse my appalling Italian]? Are you in danger and how's your tooth and health generally anyway just now?

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Tom, Anne, Lee, yes, tragic and so pointless and stupid. It is beyond my comprehension. Sorry, Steve, I should have put a news link in. I guess everyone now knows I was referring to the violence at a football match in Catania. Bonnie, yes, the President of the Catania club has resigned in despair but I agree with you. It's the so-called "fans" who have done this, spoiling it for the genuine fans and making them afraid to go to matches. Ian, I agree, not much on the Beeb from what I see and what is there on their news website does not convey the horror. It was the Sky pictures which went around the world. James, thanks for your concern. Apologies to you, too - I should have linked to the story. No, not in any danger but thanks so much for asking. Neuralgia nearly gone and other than that I'm fine, now, thanks. I'm going to try to link to some of the Italian coverage on the next post.


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