Thursday, February 15, 2007


No football will be played at the Catania stadium until 30th June and the club will have to play its remaining home fixtures at neutral grounds with no spectators present. In addition, the club will have to pay a €50,000 fine. Its chief executive feels that this punishment is excessive and points out that AS Roma has not been punished for the disrespectful behaviour displayed by some spectators during what should, before a game against Parma on Sunday, have been a minute's silence for ispettore Raciti, the policeman killed in the Catania violence of February 2nd. There is also talk of building a new stadium in Catania and naming it for ispettore Raciti.

I'd be interested to know what readers think: are the ban and fine excessive? Would naming a new stadium after the Inspector be a good idea and a mark of respect or simply an empty gesture?


CityUnslicker said...

I quite like that idea Welshcakes. It would serve as a reminder to the cost of foobtall if the fans misbehave.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure, was the police officer there in the line of duty or as a fan? Why should the bad behaviour of a few spoil the enjoyment of thousands of well behaved fans? The action does seem excessive to me, but I do sympathise with this, I'm glad a tough line is being taken, but so many ordinary people are missing out as a result.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, c/u. Yes, it possibly would. Hi, Ellee. The poor policeman was just doing his job outside the stadium when the violence broke out. I'm not sure what I think either: in some ways a tough line needs to be taken but, as I've said on a previous comments post, the innocent fans are being penalised and we are possibly going to have youngsters deprived of their football hanging around with nothing to do.

Lee said...

Most certainly name the planned new stadium after the policeman who was unnecessarily killed.

I'm of two minds about whether the club should be fined so a club responsible for the behaviour of its fans? To a degree, I guess they are...but the blame really is upon the was they, who caused the violence...not the club...the players were doing what they are paid to do...should they be responsible for idiotic fans...I don't think so. I think there should be a ban on these disruptive fans. With today's technology...the authorities would have a fair idea who they are....if they get it wrong in certain cases...too bad...let it be a lesson to those who want to behave badly. That's my humble opinion.

Lee said...

By the way, Welsh...I really do enjoy your blog. :)

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Lee. I think I agree with you. Most of the violence happened outside the stadium and that is where the policeman was killed. It is very difficult. The point you make about technology is a good one and that is what the Ital authorities seem to be driving at with this hard line: the stadiums must have the right security equipment, including cameras, if they want to play in front of spectators. With regard to naming a new stadium after isp. Raciti, I think the person to be consulted on this is his widow.
I'm glad you enjoy my blog, Lee - as I do yours.


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