Tuesday, December 26, 2006


And more!
1. salad of senape leaves
2. Roast turkey, Sicilian style. [There is no tradition of roasting the whole bird and bringing it to table.]
3. A tray of delicious dolci from a local pasticceria.

Of course, the real culinary stars are all the wonderful friends who did the cooking. I hope they're relaxing today!


James Higham said...

1. salad of senape leaves

This one gets my vote because it seems so ... healthy ... whilst enjoying oneself.

Anonymous said...

I like the little cakes. But all of these lovely pictures are more food than one could enjoy without a gaggle of guests.

Maria said...

Don't the pastries look delicious! WoW! I thought the salad was actually escarole... It looks so yummy! I have to admit the pastries look more yummy! lol ~M


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