Tuesday, January 02, 2018



Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Happy New year to you too .

Gledwood said...

What a beautiful doggie!
BTW there's someone with a Simi lookalike living near me (though I must add this dog is of course nowhere near as beautiful as the real Simi, imagine a Marilyn Monroe impersonator, that's what the dog is like. A Simi impersonator with beautiful fur like spun gold and a piggly tail. I think she (or he) is a yorkshire+something cross, though I'm not sure what. I kept sidling up to this dog trying to take a sneaky photograph, but the owner kept turning round and glaring at me suspiciously so I had to pretend to be tying a shoelace. Which was rather unrealistic seeing as I was wearing slip-on shoes. Hey ho. I want to get a dog. Or a budgie. Or loads of roborovski hamsters like before. This time I'm going to try and get 10 or even 15 and put them in a huge container like a giant fishtank full to the brim with wheels and tubes etc so you can watch them pinging round constantly...

Gledwood said...

Com'è il bellissimo cagnolino?
Qual è il nome della bella pecorina?

Spero che tu abbia un ottimo nuovo anno 2018.

PS I hope Google Translate hasn't just said something rude!


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