Thursday, February 27, 2014


Spring may have come to Sicily but in Modica there is still a distinct shortage of ice cream. I don't mean the mass-produced stuff, which can always be obtained, but traditional gelato made from the freshest ingredients and, usually, on the premises where you eat it.

Most Sicilians can't understand why anyone would want ice cream in February and even if it were 40°C out there it wouldn't make any difference. It's just not time, you see.

In Catania on Saturday, though, a friend and I did partake of these sinful specimens and very glad we were to have found them!

The Rolling Stones - Out of Time


James Higham said...

In Russia, in deepest winter, the principle of ice-cream is well understood.

Betty said...

Looks yummy! Glad you were able to find it out of season.

Hawkins Family said...

I am so ready for warm weather and gelato! Loving all these little yellow flowers cropping up in the orchards.
Have you gone to the Acireale Carnevale this year? We'll be going on Saturday as Boba Fett, Captain America, a hippie, and a regular guy in a poofy red, green & white wig. Hope to see you there!

Lee said...

I devoured some chocolate ice cream with crushed nuts a couple of hours ago...not gelato...but it was delicious!

Unknown said...

Hello Patrizia and Simi!
Like you and your friend, I ADORE gelato (even when it is cold). But you know what is interesting... I do not care for ice cream, for me there is too much fat. In gelato there is the immence and intense flavor and not the fat . Since like you, I don't live in Italy and so far, far from a gelataria, I've been fiddling around making it on my own and actually having some pretty good results!!

Hugs friend from afar!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Glad to hear it, James. Me too, Betty! Hi, Hawkins Family. No, not this year. Have a great time! Sounds great, Lee. Hi, Constance. I bet your homemade ice cream is delicious!

Trubes said...

I've just devoured a large slice of an abricot tarte,,,deliceux with Cornish ice cream, of course..

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Sounds great, Di.


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