Tuesday, July 09, 2013


Thank you, Nigella, for the magnificent Tagliata recipe in Nigellissima, a book about which I was, admittedly, cynical at first. I'll eat the tagliata rather than my words!

Hang on a minute, though.... It wasn't till I was looking for a link to the book that I realised that you look rather different on the cover of the Italian edition! Now I wonder why that is....

What do you make of it, reader?


Whispering Walls said...

Was it published by Berlusconi's company?

Rosaria Williams said...

She has slimmed down for a while, and this might be her latest picture. I saw her on some judging contest, and she looks forty pounds lighter. I also read that she is going through a divorce; that will definitely make you stop eating for a while at least. Hope you are well, Pat.
Always a joy coming here.


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