Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Apart from the fact that impossibly slim models are wearing them, don't you just love the Sicilian-inspired fabrics of D&G's Milano Fashion Week Show, especially the puppets?  I'll take ALL the earrings, please, and that cute bag at 05.22 minutes, and the one at 07.18 and, and, and....  Meraviglioso!

Dolce e Gabbana, Spring - Summer 2013 Full Show, Milano Fashion Week via Fashion Channel


Patricia said...

My young cousin, Gaetano, from Ferla, Sicily, a graduate of university in Florence in clothing design, is participating in this with his company PRisM.
"Il team progettuale dietro al marchio PRisM couture sono Claudio, Grazia e Gaetano, giovani designer di fama mondiale e indiscusso successo (lol).
Con estremo piacere condividiamo questo felice momento con tutti voi."
I love having a peek into the activities!!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Patricia. That's interesting to know and what an exciting project for your cousin!


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