Thursday, July 19, 2012


Today Italy remembers anti-Mafia Judge Paolo Borsellino, killed as he was going to visit his mother in via D'Amelio, Palermo on 19th July 1992 and the five members of his escort who also died.

Rai Uno:  Paolo Borsellino - I 57 giorni [scena finale] 

In the above video clip, Luca Zingaretti plays Judge Borsellino in the last minutes of his life.  The next day, Judge Borsellino's daughter, Lucia, insists on taking a viva voce university examination even though the examiners are of course ready to excuse her.

Strage di via D'Amelio, 19.7 92

Judge Paolo Borsellino
Agostino Catalano
Walter Eddie Cosina
Vincenzo Li Muli
Emanuela Loi
Claudio Traina

"E normale che esista la paura, in ogni uomo. L'importante è che sia accompagnata dal coraggio."
" It is normal for every man to feel fear. The important thing is to also have courage." 

- Judge Paolo Borsellino


Jenny Woolf said...

I visited Sicily a few years ago writing an article, and talked to quite a few people there who were still bothered about the mafia, specially in the countryside. Some of them wouldn't actually live in the countryside even if they worked there, and preferred to stay among other people in the towns. Does that still happen?

jams o donnell said...

Did they ever manner to prosecute the craven bastards who murdered him?

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Jenny. Not in this area but I can't speak for other provinces. Thye city is no safer where Mafia exists. Hi, jams. Sadly, no.


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