Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Today is Peace Day and World Alzheimer's Awareness Day and I've been wondering how I could connect the two.  One way is obvious and I'll repeat what I have said in some of my Breast Cancer Awareness posts - that if governments spent on life one iota of what they spend on killing people, cures for so many diseases could be found.

But there is another way in which the two causes are connected and I think this is especially relevant now, as we lose the generation that lived through the Second World War and as those of us who remember the shocking images of the Vietnam War age and, children of "peace and love" as we were, perhaps become disillusioned.  The recollections of those who have seen war in their time are important resources for all of us;  without them we may dismiss the horror of war and we must never forget or let go of our ideals of peace.

At Christmas 1914 the guns fell silent all along the Western Front as men on both sides of a terrible conflict remembered they were human, in some cases just for one day.  But if we can remember our humanity for a day, we can do so for two days, three, 365 or more.  That is why I am supporting Peace One Day and the Global Truce planned for one year from now.

Let's face it:  governments everywhere have botched peace and they have betrayed the elderly and vulnerable. Peace begins where individuals reach out to one another and we can make a start by treasuring those around us.  Each memory is a precious drop of rain which we must collect in our thirst for peace.


Claude said...

What a moving post! Thank you, Pat. I'm sharing it with my Facebook family and friends. We're too inclined to believe that peace is impossible. We're also too unaware of what is being done to prevent and treat Alzheimer. Your last sentence is magnificent. Amen, dear Friend!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I am honoured that you like the post enough to want to share it, Claude. Thank you for your kind words.

rochambeau said...

Happy Peace day to you and Simi!! THank you also, for mentioning Alzheimer's Awareness Day. You are a beautiful one!


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

And you are very kind, Constance. Thank you.


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