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Yes, there is more news about the history of that royal romance and remember, you read it on Sicily Scene first!  If you thought the couple kissed for the first time in the groves of academe at St Andrew's University in chilly old Scotland, or in that farmhouse on Anglesey in drizzly Wales, be prepared to have your mind changed because of course, it happened in sunny Sicily!

Mariano Bruno, the Mayor of Lipari, has announced that locals on Panarea, the smallest of the Aeolian Islands,  remember seeing the couple kiss in the grotta dell'amore of the island's Scoglio di Lisca Bianca back in 2006.  I think the chronology might be a little awry here but the good citizens of Panarea know who and what they saw.  Besides, they could hardly miss a royal yacht, could they?  It couldn't have been Britannia, as is claimed, for she was already in "retirement" by then but it must have been a very smart vessel indeed.

Image: http://corrieredelmezzogiorno.corriere.it/palermo//

Now the Scoglio di Lisca Bianca is to be renamed for Will and Kate and the Mayor is sending them an invitation to the renaming ceremony.  He says that the late Diana, Princess of Wales, was also fond of the spot and that the new name is in her honour too.

What I want to know is whether anyone has told the British bookmakers, who were taking bets on a divorce within ten years before the marriage ceremony had even taken place.  Nothing doing, gentlemen, for a kiss in the grotta dell'amore on Panarea Island seals a couple's love forever.


Patricia said...

On my first trip to Sicily, a wonderful Sicilian guide, Salvatore, convinced us that almost everything in the world have been invented in Sicily...why not Will and Kate!

Betty said...

Oh good and we heard it here first! I'm such a romantic at heart.

Michele Boselli said...

Wow, that's a sccop. And you really are an enthusiastic fan of the couple

Gledwood said...

Remember the Queen cried when the Royal Yacht Britannia got scrapped?

Miserable tight bastards wouldn't buy her another one, would they!

She knew she was never getting a new one. The one space she could get away and break away on earth, taken away from her. No wonder she cried.

I don't want a rowing boat queen. Give her the bloody yacht back!!

LindyLouMac said...

Um not so sure about this one, but it sounds good :) I have been away for awhile and am now catching up on blog reading. I love the previous post about the fiore in your local town, as you know I love such events.

Whispering Walls said...

Oh no - not la yacht de Bang Bang?

Rosaria Williams said...

I trust my sources here. All right, I can now make that bet.

Trubes said...

Not so much of the 'drizzly old Wales' Welshcakes, As you know I live on the door step of North Wales and am just a 90min drive from the lovely Isle of Anglesey, We have had several lovely sunny holidays in Wales including the Gower and Pembrokeshire, In fact we are going to Anglesey in July for a holiday and staying just a stone's throw away from where Wills and Kate live, when he is serving his Queen and Country in the RAF, They often use the local village stores where we stay, also a fab pub on the beach, where we've enjoyed the best of Anglesey cuisine, including cockles and samphire, delicious lamb and beef...lovely food, lovely people...Who knows we may just bump into them!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Patricis. I think Salvatore was right! Hi, Betty. Aren'tb we all? Hi, Miss Welby. No, I'm not a royalist! Hi, Gleds. I remember that very well. She and Anne, who had not shed a tear over Diana, crying over a ship! Welcome back, LindyLouMac. Glad you liked the Noto post. Maybre, WW! Hope you win, Rosaria! It was a joke, Di!

Trubes said...

Sorry Welshcakes, I seem to have missed the joke, must have had a sense of humour transplant, yesterday!
I was, however having a really bad day and everything irritated me.

I was disappointed, also, that the Queen didn't make Katherine Princess William and perhaps, give them a title with a Welsh bearing. After all, his father is POW.
You probably know that I am an avid Royalist, I truly believe that the Monarchy is all that holds Great Britain together...You've just given me an idea for a new blog. As you may know I've just tried to kick start my site again' which isn't too easy at present, So, my dear friend, all ideas are welcome!
Sorry again about the rant, or even rants!

Love to you and darling Simi,

Di.xx and love from Chloe..purr purr zzzng.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Di. It's OK - no offence taken. Well, she IS Princess William, isn't she? An ugly title, though. I hoped the Queen would create her Princess Catherine, though but it's too soon for HM! After sll, she took 10 years to create her own husband a "Prince of the United Kingdom". Anyway, why should I care as I'm a Republican! Love to all xxx

Trubes said...

Ha ha, I know you're a Republican, and I don't hold it against you, I really didn't know that 'Kate' was already Prince William, not a respectful title for such a sweet young lady, she should, as you say be called Princess Catherine. I don't exactly worship the 'Royals', but more respect The Crown. Many of them should be kicked out and I certainly wouldn't curtsey to any of them except The Queen.
There we are...enough of this 'Royalty Stuff', before you bar me from your site...he he!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

No chance of my barring you, Di - you're too much fun! xxx

Trubes said...

Gee thanks for that compliment Welshcakes...and just before I let the matter drop...
Did you know that the Italian Presidency costs the Italian taxpayer more per head than the Royal Family costs the British taxpayer.
More interestingly, I wonder how many people can name the Italian President ?


A paisi unni chi vai, comu vidi fari fai!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Trubes. No, I didn't know that but in my opinion it doesn't make it right for one family to have all those riches and privileges purely because of an accident of birth. Everyone here could name the President. I don't knbow about outside Italy. I agree - "When in Rome...."


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