Thursday, May 07, 2009


Hi, folks. It's Simi here!

Poetry, poetry, poetry - that's all my mummy can talk about lately, what with her translating Uncle Antonio's book and then going off to Tuscany to that poetry kennel without me! If you ask me, it would have been much more interesting to listen to different dogs barking onstage, but humans do very strange things sometimes.

I didn't mind, really, as I went to see my friend Mr Enzo at the doggy hotel / beauty parlour. When we came back, he told mummy I had not only been bravissima but dolcissima as well. [I'm not stupid - I knew I'd get more treats when I came home if I put on that "sweet baby" look!]

Did you know my mummy wrote me a little song and she sings it for me when we are out walking? It goes like this:

Little Simi Eggleton
walks along the road with mum.
And her mummy loves her so
and she tells her as we go.

"Hello, Mister Man," we say,
"Do you feel all right today?"
"Hello, Simi," says the man,
"Be a good girl if you can."

In her coat she looks so posh,
everybody says, "Oh, gosh",
"Who's that pretty, little one?"
"Bella Simi Eggleton."

Now apart from the bit about being a "good girl", that's what I call a poem! And there's no need to go jaunting off to Tuscany to hear it, either!

Buona notte, fans. See you all soon!


Simi x


CherryPie said...

Ah! Simi how honored you must feel to have such a lovely poem written about you :-)

Colin Campbell said...

We put Spotty in the kennel for a week when we went on holiday. He hated it. It took him months to act normal again.

Ardent said...

Simi is a very beautiful girl and she is so lucky to have such a devoted owner!

Betty said...

It sounds like Simi has the good life. I'm assuming he's bilingual.

James Higham said...


BeeWild said...

What a clever mummy you have, simi! All my mummy ever says is, 'Oh, George!'

Have a good weekend looking after your mummy now she's back. My mummy says she's going away this afternoon ...

Whispering Walls said...

I didn't realise Simi was French

Dragonstar said...

Simi, you are such a beautiful lady. I like the poem very much - how kind of your mummy to write it for you.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Simi says:" Thank you, Auntie Cherrypie. I am lucky, aren't I?" "Hello, Uncle CC. I tried to dig myself to your country from my garden once, but my mummy put a stop to it! Poor Spotty!" "Thank you, Auntie Ardent." Hi, Betty. She is bilingual now! Simi says,"Hello, Uncle James." "Thank you, Uncle Neil. George, be a good boy. You'll get more treats that way!" Hi, WW. She is named after de Beauvoir, you see. "I'm glad you like my poem, Auntie Dragonstar."

Whispering Walls said...

So she's a feminist?


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