Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Not an Italian, but an Albanian dish to show you tonight for Rosa, whose mission at the moment is to ensure that I eat before going to work in the afternoons, arrived with this today:

I asked her how she made it and she said that you first make a sweet dough and then put it through a pasta machine to end up with something resembling vermicelli. [I have been looking this up and understand that the dish is the same as Greek kataifi, for which you can buy the dough in specialist shops or even make the "angel's hair" by cutting up thawed filo dough very thinly.] Rosa then puts the dough strips in a dish in the oven with butter plus some ground almonds and walnuts and leaves them until they begin to brown. In the meantime, she makes a sugar syrup [approximately 2 cups sugar to 1 of water plus a teasp lemon juice and some ground cinnamon] and, when this is tepid, pours it over the kadaif.

It was delicious and very naughty!


sally in norfolk said...

thats what i need.... someone to make sure i eat :-) when you have no one to cook for it can be hard to find the insentive.
A friend did ask me round for tea this week so that was a real treat nice company and my dinner cooked for me too

Betty said...

I wish I had a Rosa to cook for me! What she makes looks delicious.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Sally. I don't have a problem finding the incentive to cook - my mother drummed it into me that I'd forget how to if I didn't! But I do tend to skip lunch now if I'm working. It's always nice to have someone cook for you, though!


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