Saturday, February 28, 2009


Continuing my St David's Day preparations, this afternoon I made what I call my "cheat's torta": I soak each layer of a bought 3-layer spongecake [not a soft one, obviously] with Maraschino liqueur; I dollop bought crema pasticcera onto all the layers; then I arrange fruit on the top and glaze it with the bought tortagel. By tomorrow I might spread whipped cream around the sides but then again I might not, as the last time I did that it fell off and I can't find the packet of pannafix powder which is supposed to stop this happening.

Now this is my Mandarinetto cake and I am quite proud of it. Once I'd cooked the cake and let it cool a little, I poured a syrup of tarocco orange juice, sugar and Mandarinetto liqueur over it. As I don't think it will absorb any more I'm going to serve the rest of the syrup in a jug, so that people can pour over some more if they want to.

For those of you who don't know of them, "Glamorgan sausages" are not sausages at all but are made with a cheese mixture. They are supposed to be shaped like sausages but as I have to feed a lot of people tomorrow, I decided to make smaller "balls" instead. I used this Sophie Grigson recipe, except I substituted bought pane grattugiato for the fresh breadcrumbs.

Sorry to disappoint, gentlemen, but I couldn't resist the post title!


PinkAcorn said...

I must say the title had me laughing...all I focused on was the tarts and balls....I said to my self "wait,there's more to it".

Yes, there was...and it looked yummy! I have no self control for goodies like that...

CherryPie said...

Those balls do look delicious!!!

Rowena said...

Everything looks wonderfully delicious (and yes I had a good giggle at the title). The thing that made an eyebrow rise however was the mention of pannafix powder? I have never heard of it, is it made by one of the more popular companies that deal in bakery ingredients?

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Love it WL...great title!! :-)

Hope you all had a fab feast!!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, pink. Glad the title gave you a laugh. I, too, lack that type of self-control! Thanks, Cherie. Hi, Rowena. Yes, it's Paneangeli that make pannafix. It apparently also stops pastry absorbing crema pasticcera. Thanks, Anne - we did!


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