Thursday, May 01, 2008


Milder weather, clearer nights and a calmer sea : consequently boat after boat, each of them crammed with clandestini [illegal would-be immigrants] attempts to reach Sicily’s shores.

The newer [inaptly named] “welcome” centre on Lampedusa is already overwhelmed: it was built to house 600 people and was accommodating 800 by Tuesday. During Mon – Tues night more than 500 desperate clandestini had disembarked. There was a tragedy at the weekend when an inadequate boat got into trouble in Maltese waters: the Italian military sent out a rescue boat and two males did not follow the soldiers’ instructions for transfer to the Italian boat, diving into the sea instead – whether by accident or because they were afraid no one knows. Two brave soldiers dived in after them but one of the clandestini was swept away.

Yesterday 250 clandestini were transferred from Lampedusa to other Italian detention centres and 3 more boatloads, carrying more than 350 people, have been intercepted off Lampedusa today. Another is known to be on its way.

I do not know what the solution to this tragic situation is, for no European country can accommodate all who wish to come. Yet, during my more sleepless nights, I think of these boatloads of sadness and of what terrible circumstances – of which, admittedly, I know nothing – can lead their human cargo to take such risks.


Baht At said...

The only solution is to raise their countries of origin to our standards - even if it means halting the rise in our standards for a few years to achieve it.

Leslie: said...

Where do they come FROM? It must be terrible for them to take such a risk!

Nunyaa said...

My guess is they wanting a better life than what they have from originating country. Be it misplaced thoughts or not, sad to resort to such desperate measures for what they see as a chance of a second and better life.

flutterby said...

I agree with BA, but if the problem is political, i.e., a repressive home regime, then not sure what can be done other than the free world applying incentives for such regime to be less repressive.

Whispering Walls said...

The views of Berlusconi and the new mayor of Rome are clear. At least we haven't heard about clandestini being gassed at detention centres yet.

Trubes said...

Hello Welshcakes: These poor unfortunate people They really must be desperate to take such risks, my heart aches for them.
It's a pity there isn't a fertile sparsley populated place on the 'Med' where they could set up home, live within their own Community and integrate with others too.
Many Goverments Buisinesses or the Public, in general seem to want to help others without benefiting primarily, themselves.

How are feeling, today (Friday 4.30pm). I do hope you are trying to get some rest.
It was reckoned my RA was triggered by working too hard,(in Stockbroking) and overall stress.

So do take care...please..
Love to you dear friend and Simi too, from a very warm and sunny Liverpool.
We have all the 'Girls Boys and Babies' here for the Weekend so, lots of barbecues, wine etc. happening, and Jellies and cakes too!

James Higham said...

Could be there myself very soon.

CherryPie said...

It is said that they feel the need to do this!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I totally agree, Baht At. But can you see any western government risking unpopularity by spelling that out? Hi, Leslie. Morocco, many from Libya, Tunisia, etc. Hi, nunyaa. I agree. Hi, flutterby. Repression and hopeless poverty are the causes, I think. Ciao, WW. Yes, those views are quite clear, as you say. Hi, Trubes. Yes, a terrible plight for them. Thanks for your good wishes and have a great weekend! James, I do empathise and am thinking of you. Hi, cherrypie. Yes, very sad indeed.

jmb said...

A never ending wave, save when the weather forbids it. Very sad situation indeed.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, jmb. Yes, terrible.


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