Tuesday, June 07, 2016


It was with great sorrow that I learnt of the passing, in Kentucky on Saturday, of my blogging friend Nicholas Temple, the "Sometimes Saintly Nick" of  Nick's Bytes.

I never met Nick but felt as though I knew him personally, for we shared a sense of humour, a love of animals, many a political opinion and a birthday. We also knew what it is like to fall upon hard times, both financially and healthwise. Sadly Nick had been very seriously ill for some time and he knew the end was near, but even as recently as January he found the strength to try to cheer others up on his blog, with his "Too Bad it's Monday Humor" posts and "Friday Funnies".  Those posts helped me to face the coming day many times and I shall so miss Nick's daily "Good morning, world", accompanied by a beautiful picture, on facebook.  Somehow this greeting made me want to get out there and cope.

A military man, social worker and later a pastor, Nick's life experiences enabled him to understand others and reach out to them in friendship. You only have to look at the tributes to him currently on facebook to realise that.

Central to Nick's life was his beloved cat Alex, now being cared for by Nick's granddaughter, I understand.  Alex even had his own blog and oh, it made me smile!  So I'm thinking of you and your pals Midnight and Sugar too, Alex.

Peace was very important to Nick and I am sure that all who remember him will be comforted, in the coming days, by the knowledge that he is at peace now.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere condolences to Nick's family who can be assured that he was, and is, loved by people all over the world.


Pink said...

A beautiful tribute. Xx

Lee said...

It's sad to lose a blogger friend. Even though most of us will never meet or have never met physically, the friendships, the caring and the liking is not diminished in any way, I believe.

Many of us have known each other for years...and through our blogs...where we express our thoughts; share what goes on in our lives and what has gone on in our lives in the past.

Trubes said...

Pat I'm so sorry to learn about the loss of your friend Nick,
he seemed like a really decent guy.
I did speak to him from time to time via your site and my Trubes/ABCW

Thinking of you just now,
love Di xx
Chloe says purrr purrr to Bertie thingymubob xxx

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Thank you all so much, Pink , Lee and Trubes.


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