Thursday, June 09, 2016


I was delighted to be invited to watch the Festa del Sacro Cuore procession from my friend Marisa's balcony on Sunday and here she is with her husband [with me in the centre]:

The procession takes a slightly different route every year so that, if you have sufficient Sicilian pazienza, you will eventually see it from near your home!

There are those who scoff at the Mediterranean habit of carrying saints' statues around towns and villages but to that I would say that it is no bad thing to gather together in peace and spread a little joy.  Everyone is free to join in the prayers that are said along the route, whether from their balconies, sitting rooms or down in the streets - or you can just watch and enjoy the atmosphere. And, if you were a statue, wouldn't you want some fresh air once a year?

We had a little party on Marisa's balcony and of course, there was pizza. Then there was Marisa's cake and I had made some marshmallows to take along:

Grazie, Marisa!


Trubes said...

Hello Pat
I love the way the Italians revere their saints and
celebrate holy days with such gusto.
So much work must go into the planning of these gatherings.
It must give people a sense of unity when they arrange
these celebrations.
The pizzas look scrummy.
Love Di.
Chloe say hello to you and Bertie...purr purr xxx

Betty said...

I would have loved it! I think it's a wonderful custom that they have over there.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Trubes. Yes, I love it, too. Woofs from Bertie for Chloe. xx Hi, Betty. Yes, I'm sure you'd have loved it.

Laruchka said...

Celebrating festivals is so important. My husband is very strict about celebrating both the English and the Italian festivals, even if it means doing mother's day twice :D


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