Thursday, April 14, 2016


I had been wanting to make Hope and Greenwood's Raspberry Marshmallows for a long time, but raspberries are very difficult to get hold of here.  Mirtilli [whortleberries] however, are not, so I decided to give it a go with these. On the same day, I found a few raspberries and blackberries in the greengrocer's so added these, too.

Another requirement for this recipe is liquid glucose.  The owner of our local pasticceria very kindly offered to give me the tablespoonful I needed but I wanted to make the recipe with something I knew I could get again, without asking him for a favour.  I had read that good old British Golden Syrup is a reasonable substitute and I had some that I had bought in Catania.  I am glad to be able to report that it worked!

My slices are not as tidy as "Sweet Miss Hope's" but wow, they were good!

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