Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Oh, dear, it's that statue of the Blessed Pope John Paul II again! The memorial, unveiled outside Rome's Termini Station in 2011, has been criticised since that moment, with the face being likened to that of Mussolini and the body to a "bloody big hole".  The open cloak gesture was meant to represent this beloved Pope drawing everyone in and loving them but it just doesn't work. The folk at CNN seem to agree and now the statue features on their list of the world's eleven ugliest monuments - a dubious honour if ever there was one.

Even though the statue has had a makeover and the lines are a little softer, it hardly evokes the idea of welcome and bears little resemblance to the late Pontiff. I still think our Giovanni Paolo statue in Modica is better!


Hawkins Family said...

Not the best "welcome-to-Rome" sight! The children were more than a little wary.

Lee said...

That memorial outside Rome's Termini Station is terrible! What on earth were they thinking? The sculptor should hide his head in shame.

I agree...the statue in Modica is much better.

I hate to say it, but anything would be better than the first one depicted!!!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I can imagine, Hawkins Family!Agree wholeheartedly, Lee.


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